Open a Case

Opening a Biblical Mediation or Arbitration Case

If you are experiencing any type of conflict and desire the assistance of an impartial Biblical Peacemaker who can help to restore peace by guiding you through a Christ-centered conflict resolution process, this information will provide the step-by-step process of opening a case.

Step One

To submit your case for possible ICC conciliation, please contact the ICC Case Administrator prior to mailing your non-refundable filing fee of $500. A completed online individual or organizational Information form is also needed from each participating party.

For Individuals in conflict: Individual Form
For Organizations in conflict: Organization Form

Submit fees to: ICC Peace, LLC

Mailing Address: (Overnight Delivery Recommended)
ICC, 306-N West El Norte Pkwy #29, Escondido, CA 92026

Step Two

When the ICC receives all Information forms and the filing fee, the case is officially opened for case administration and conciliation. This is the step at which all parties can step back and rest, knowing that they are in a peacemaking process. The process is supportive, encouraging, respectful, and about growth as well as resolution. The issues in conflict will be addressed fairly with the help of a skilled conciliator. This is also a time when all parties begin learning more about biblical peacemaking and God's faithfulness in revealing how He is at the center of all solutions.

Step Three

You can choose to begin with private conflict coaching or start the mediation/arbitration process immediately.

When you are ready, you are assigned a Case Administrator who will serve all parties for the duration of the case. This fee-based service requires a non-refundable flat fee of $1500 which is often split between the parties. Your Case Administrator will take care of all the arrangements, forms, scheduling, communication with all parties, offering a selection of conciliators, and reports until the case is officially closed or a maximum of 30 hours is reached. Additional hours are available at an hourly rate.

Step Four

Your Case Administrator will provide you with a choice of 1-3 conciliators who are skilled in their field and uphold the Standards of Conduct and Rules of Procedure through the Institute for Christian Conciliation: ICC Guidelines

Your Case Administrator will provide you with the fees and resume of each conciliator, which vary based on their experience and expertise. The conciliator you choose will estimate a Case Retainer Fee based on their hourly/daily rates, expenses, and expected length of conciliation. This fee is paid in advance and dispersed as the conciliator bills the ICC for services rendered.

Your Case Retainer Fee is an estimate. A faster settlement means that unused portions of the retainer fee are returned to you. A slower process may require additional retainer fees. Your Case Administrator will keep you apprised of all details.

Certified Christian Conciliators™ bring a wide background of skills and expertise to your case so their hourly fees can range from $100-450 and a daily rate between $1500-3500 for mediation or arbitration services. It is most common for ICC mediators and arbitrators to travel to a location convenient for all parties.

Your conciliator will be deeply invested in the resolution of all issues that are causing stress, conflict, disunity, and despair. They will present a trustworthy biblical process so that all concerns can be expressed and understood. You will have access to your Case Administrator and your conciliator to make the resolution process efficient, practical, and clear.

Step Five

Finally, your case--and your opportunity to resolve the relational or substantive issues in conflict--will unfold in a fair and godly manner. All parties will experience a reasoned, supportive, Christ-centered process, as well as the compassion of a skilled conciliator to help address the issues in a healthy manner. The ultimate solution of the issues will depend upon the parties and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit as the conciliator carefully guides the process.

How Can We Be of Help

To begin the mediation or arbitration process, simply contact us to ensure that we can assist, then fill out one of the two forms below and submit your filing fee to: ICC, 306-N West El Norte Pkwy #29, Escondido, CA 92026

For Individuals in conflict: Individual Form
For organizations in conflict: Organization Form

If you have additional questions please review our list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers or the Guidelines for Christian Conciliation.